The Vigor of his White Body

translated by Simon Wickham-Smith

The vigor of his white body,
Vital and toned,
Brings forth thoughts
Of meeting with his lovliness.
Spring’s gentle winds

Blow softly.
I take up with my friends,
And we ride away.

My father, I look at you in your wakefulness,
And I am caught up,
Wondering what it is that
Gives your mind pleasure.

The mists are massive
Over the Gobi’s dark steppes:
What are the many thoughts
Of one man’s dear child?

Seeing how a mind which holds itself dear
Is at the heart of all life,
Wherever I go,
I shall remain relaxed and unconcerned.

My strong and true mind
Is out of kilter with the world.
My acerbic nature
Is out of kilter with local custom.

How far do they think
A loving mind can reach?
I am not deprived of my love,
It is the very center of my mind.

Whether pig or wolf,
All life should be honored.
Oh, Triple Gem,
What are we doing here?

My utterly perfect lama,
Through the blessing of emptiness,
Let us be joyful, fading away
Into cosmic openness.

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Mongolia Web